Teisha Felder-Diallo


Teisha Felder-Diallo was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY before moving to Staten Island. As a current resident of Staten Island, Teisha continuously gives back to her community by assisting them with their lively necessities. Teisha has over 22 years of experience in the Social Services field while possessing a bachelor’s in human services, Master’s degree in Public Administration, Board Certified Human Services Practitioner and currently is a Doctoral candidate in Psychology.

Teisha began her social service journey in 1992 where she began working in her first group home for Independent Living Association as a direct care worker – Teisha then worked for various agencies in a management role and today she works for the largest Not for profit social service agency on Staten Island. Teisha passion for helping others is what she honors the most. Teisha believes that “Teamwork makes the Dream work “.